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What We Do


A dedicated HR manager for all your HR needs

We proactively manage your daily HR operations and are here to handle any situations that may arise. My HR And More provides a wide spectrum of comprehensive HR support as we become your part-time or PRN assistance when it's not practical to hire someone full time. We provide service to your business on a "per project" basis or based on the hours we're needed on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. 


How It Works

After your initial consultation, we'll establish a basic service agreement and become your dedicated HR manager. Your existing services such as employee benefits and payroll remain in place while we complement those efforts.  If needed, we'll collaborate with your managers, accountants, and attorneys to understand your business before starting services. You'll pay for only the level of HR service and support your business needs. No long-term contracts and flat-rate pricing is our guarantee.

Why Clients Choose My HR And More

Our HR solutions are scalable for help when and where you need it most. We're available to handle the unique HR issues for your business. Here's why clients choose us for all of their HR needs.

Improved Workplace Communication

Better communication and more efficient documentation processes mean long-term employee success.

Enhanced Employee Performance

Improved HR analytics and insights to make better business and financial decisions.

Decreased Overhead Expenses

Better audit results and improved hiring processes mean lower insurance, taxes, and overtime expenses.

Beter Return on Investment

Higher employee retention and satisfaction rates mean fewer disciplinary actions and incidents of willful misconduct.

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