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Applicant Screening & Interviewing


Recruiting the best talent for your business needs

We recruit and retain the best candidates for your business. We add a level of structure and accountability when we interview your job candidates. Our interview questions are specially structured and based on a pre-established hiring criterion.


The best of the qualified candidates are ranked and presented to you based on their interview results and job experience.  We provide a written summary for each qualified candidate to substantiate our hiring recommendations.

We remove the time obligations and anxiety of the interviewing process and save you time by helping identify only the best candidates for consideration. As the business owner, you make the final decision on which candidates you want to hire. 


Job Description Services

Job descriptions are core HR tools that are often overlooked by small employers.  My HR will update your current job descriptions or design new descriptions from the bottom up. We'll recommend the best formats to use to best compliment your employees, their work styles, and your workplace culture. My HR And More can continue to formalize what is already accepted among your employees and add additional safeguards. When we do the work for you, we add special features to ensure compliance and eliminate problems before they arise. We structure our descriptions ahead of time so that future adjustments can be easily made by us or you.


Mentoring, Training, & Development

Our HR Mentoring program focuses on training and developing your employees and managers. It's customized as needed to meet your business needs.  For employees, we provide proactive lessons on topics such as violence in the workplace, harassment, and safety practices to mention a few.  These training programs are sought to document workplace training and obtain employee acknowledgment for insurance and liability purposes. Thus, saving you time and money.

Our second option is ideal for managers with limited on-the-job HR experience.  Generally, this training (equivalent to a 3-6 year HR generalist role) is delivered through an interactive consultative approach consisting of 24 classroom hours of HR mentoring held over 8 or 16 weeks.   Classes are typically held at the client’s location and include open discussions and consultation that can be immediately implemented at your workplace.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

HR Compliance

HR Forms and Policies

Performance Reviews

Interviewing and Employee Selection

Unemployment & Workers' Compensation


HR Information Systems

Conflict Resolution

 Workplace Safety/Preventing Harassment

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